IR Interpreting Services of Japan


How does IRIS do it?

Quality is our differentiating factor.
We strive to further improve our quality through various measures.

1. Carefully selected interpreters

Our team of 8 interpreters have all gone through the following rigorous selection process:

  1. Attending study sessions
  2. Verbal test (interpreting a virtual IR meeting)
  3. Interview with Dan Tanno, the President

For the year 2011, approx. 45 interpreters attended the study sessions,
out of which 20 opted to take the test, and only 7 passed.

2. IR Interpreting Workshops

At IRIS, while we respect each interpreter as a skilled professional,
we do not leave it solely to the interpreter to improve his/her skills.
We hold regular workshops, and aim to improve our IR interpreting skills as a team.

3. IRIS Database

IRIS focuses only on IR interpreting.
Almost everyday, one of our team members is working with an investor and a company somewhere in Japan.

We have built an extensive database of all the listed companies we have worked with in the past,
which we continuously update everyday and share with the whole team.

Even if it is the first time our interpreter works with a certain company,
he/she is backed by the knowledge that we have accumulated over the past years,
in order to maximize performance.

Sample of the IRIS Database (in Japanese) >>

4. Incentives for our interpreters

IRIS treats its interpreters with respect, as customers, not as subcontractors.
We provide various incentives to them to get even better than they are today.